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Age requirements: We require every player to be over the age of 10 years old. 

Every player must fill out a paintball waiver. Players under 18 will need their waiver signed by a guardian. 

If you violate any of the following paintball rules you will sit out one game. Another paintball rule violation and you will sit out two games. A third violation of any rule and you will be done playing for the day. Safety is our utmost concern, for this reason safety rules are STRICTLY​ enforced! Our referees are here to keep the game safe.

1. Barrel Plugs will be in/on the gun at all times, except on the field. Do not bring the gun into the safe area without a barrel plug on it. Barrel Plugs are there to protect other players and spectators. 

2. Put your goggles on BEFORE entering the playing area.

3. Do not cheat! This includes, but not limited to: wiping paint, playing with an obvious hit, going out of bounds, lying about what side you are on, & etc. 

4. All guns will shoot below 300 feet per second. No full automatic markers, one shot per trigger pull.

5. Good sportsmanship is required!

6. Do not climb on the counter tops in the trailers, on top of the trailers, on the bunkers, up the silos, in the "tunnel" building, or on the cars. You may climb on the dirt burns. Do not move any bunker, door, spool, & etc.

7. Surrender rule: If you have the "drop" on a player, please ask them to surrender. If they do not signal they are out by calling themselves out, raising their hands, & etc., they are fair game! No shooting at the back of the head, aim for the lower legs or butt. Players do not have to surrender.

8. Barrel Tag: If a player touches you or your gun and says "barrel tag" you are eliminated.

9. No fighting or physical contact with any players.

10. A paintball must leave a mark on you or your gun the size of a quarter to be eliminated. If a paintball hits you and does not break, you are not eliminated. If you are not sure, please ask a referee, or a nearby player to check you. This includes opposing team players.

11. No over shooting. It takes only one ball to break and to eliminate a player.

12. Friendly fire counts. If you shoot your own teammate(s), they are eliminated.

13. Do not punch any holes, or in any way intentionally damage, any of the bunkers, cars, trailer houses etc. If you are caught, you will be told to leave.

14. If you are renting a gun, do not pick up paint balls that you find and place them in the hopper. If you spill paint on the ground, wipe it off before you place it in the hopper. 

15. Everyone must use field paint bought from Splat Attack Paintball. 

16. Referees have the final say, do not argue with a ref, you will not win!

17. No drinking alcoholic beverages prior to, or during the games. If any player is deemed to been drinking, or be intoxicated from alcohol or drugs, that player will not be allowed to play.

18. No blind shooting.

19. Keep keys, wallets, and any valuables off the field. 

20. Have fun!

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